Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring Camp trip

Don, Abigail, Aunt Melanie, and I went up to Mill Hollow for a Spring camp out. We has expected it to be warm, sunny, and snow free... We were wrong on the snow free part. There was a lot of snow up there and we were so lucky to get there on a Thursday that we got the only spot open on this road to camp since it was pretty much snowed over still. 

 We enjoyed fishing, hiking, and relaxing. 

What I learned this trip... NO PLAYING BY THE CAMP FIRE! Abigail and I were playing with Don while we were sitting around the fire cooking dinner. I went to move to the other side of Don's chair as Abby was also moving behind me and I bumped her into the fire. It happened so fast. I grabbed her as fast as I could and ran her to the river. She had burnt her hand but luckily nothing else. She was an inch from her head being in the coals. We grabbed some ice and cool clothes and headed to the Heber Valley Emergency room. This has to be the most traumatic experience for me so far being a mom. I have beaten myself up over this since I am basically the one who bumped her in. She didn't have to go to the burn center and it has healed up great so far. 

This was taken about a week after. Today it looks red but the Dr. said it will fade 100% within a year. So never play by the fire. We are so very blessed it turned out better then what it could have been. Someone was watching over her!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mommas Baby

Daddy and Abigail went to the park and took picture for my mothers day card. She is such a cutie!