Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

This is the place

If you have not gone to the little haunts at This is the place park you are missing out. It is a lot of fun, even for mom and dad. Abigail got to ride all the pony's she wanted, go into the petting zoo, make crafts, ride the trains, do a parade, listen to the witches tell stories, trick or treat, and her favorite to pan for gold. Plus you get to go onto all the structures and learn about each one. This is our second year going and dad's first. He had just as much if not more fun then the kids!

If you know Abby you know she could ride these all day long...

She thought this guy was the funniest ever.

The train. She ran to it so fast we didn't get to go.


~The witch~
 Witches Brew

Listening to the stories

The handsome hubby 
 The BFF and Cole

Panning for gold 

Best friends!

 Trick or treating


Friday, November 2, 2012



Abigail was so excited this year for Halloween. She decided she was going to be a witch, then of course each week it changed to something else. She begged me to go to Halloween store after Halloween store.... It was exhausting! Halloween came and she had a fun party and a parade at school. We then got ready for our annual Halloween dinner of Taco soup and homemade root beer  Her uncle Jimmy, cousin Camille  Aunt Becky and Uncle Jayson came over to enjoys dinner and to go trick or treating. This year Abigail almost made it around the neighborhood before crawling into the wagon! She has decided that she loves Halloween and would like it to be everyday of the year.

My little witch making her brew

~The Witch and the Vampire~