Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun with chickens.

Abigail spent some time Sunday at least 2 hours watching the chickens. She was very interested in what they were eating and wanted to watch then eat bugs and worms.

 We thought this was the cutest..... I guess we need to do some clothes shopping...
Or get her interested in plumbing!!
They were kicking dirt her way and she thought it was the greatest. She would giggle and then tell on them.
These days she likes to tell on everyone and everything.
Looking out the window in her partially completed play set.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look who is 3

HaPpY BiRtHdAy AbIgAiL!!!

Time has gone by fast. We can not believe you are already 3!
 Just yesterday you were learning to sit up on your own.

You are very independent, smart, stubborn (just like BOTH your parents), happy, and caring. 
You love to cuddle in moms bed.  
You love to play, you ask everyday to play with your cousins and friends.
You like to sneak into our bed every night and then in the morning let us know you were being sneaky.
Your Ruger is your best friend and you let everyone know.
We even ask if we can be your best friend and you tell us no It's Ruger. 
You like to play tea party.
You love to play in matter where that water is.
You love Popsicles, you even ask for one as soon as you wake up.
You are in love with anything Christmas.
For two months you would wake up and tell us Santa is coming to town today, then at dinner you would tell us that you love Christmas Eve.
You LOVE working on writing letters and numbers.

Your favorite food's are.
Mac and Cheese
apples and peanut butter
eggs and ketchup
and you love peanut butter and honey.

Your name is very important and means a lot to all of us.
Abigail was the name of your Papa's grandmother. She was from Hawaii.
Ivy was the name of your Papa's mother, she was the most amazing woman I have ever met. 
And you were born on your Grandma's Judy's mom's birthday. Her name was Lois Graham.

Today we celebrated your birthday by having a fun day with mom and going to your favorite place
Chic-Fil-A for lunch. We snuggled and when dad got home from work we headed to Thanksgiving Point. You are in love with Dinosaurs right now so we went to the Dinosaur Museum.

We had a fun night!
I love you my baby girl!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our new chicks

I decided we needed to add a few more chicks to our flock. These are such cuties. We will only be able to keep two so three of them will need to find new homes in about a month. Any takers? There will be two Blue Wheaten Americana's and one Silver Laced Wyndotte available.... Come on you know you want them. Besides I will be doing the hard part.

Out with the old...In with the new.

We moved into our home about 6-7 years ago. We finished the basement, landscaped, remodeled some areas, and so on. BUT for some reason we never got around to fixing our 6 old windows. Last winter one broke all the way down and being the rednecks we are we taped it! Finally ordered new windows in February and after patiently waiting they are in! I can not believe how much sun light we were missing.

Bad picture but bad window. Don't know if you can see this well but this window is taped all the way down.


This is the cracked taped fixed and we can see out of it.

 Bathroom window.

It may be weird to be this excited over windows but we are weird people!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

B is for boooogies......

I am so done with the zombie virus or whatever the crap I have been suffering with since the 3rd!!
My right ear has no hearing, my sinuses are on complete overload I never imagined my body could make this much (TMI?) boogies, I feel like I have a tumor growing in my throat, my stomach is upset and bloated, the flavor of everything is the same (NO FLAVOR), and I have the worst taste in my mouth and it wont go away no matter how many times I gargle with every concoction on the Internet!

 I will report that I have no more fever, body aches, and I can actually swallow.
Which means I can eat, drink, and talk without being in pain.

Come on! Enough Is Enough!

I feel much better now.


Friday, March 11, 2011

to heal is not to let go....

I have to admit I struggle each day coming to terms with my dad's death. It was so not his time to go, not fair, and the worst for me to accept is the way it happened. 

I will always remember that day.

 I didn't get to say goodbye. Didn't get to tell him it was ok, he was loved, didn't get to sit by his side and just be there for him. He died by himself with no one there to comfort him. 

I have to believe his parents were there comforting him and helping him thru. They are the two  most amazing people I have ever known.  They had to be there. I find comfort in that. 

I seen him on Thanksgiving and I didn't even give him a hug for fear I would lose it then and there. I few weeks before he passed I had yelled at him on the phone asking him if this is what he wanted is to die and leave us and not want to watch Abigail grow up. He got mad and in his way told me to shut the hell up. If you knew my dad It is normal for him to talk to you like that. Doesn't mean he is mad it is just him. I seen the pain in his eyes, the fear, at times tears, he had to have known, he had to have felt it.

As the time has passed I really expected to heal not fully but a little, not forget, not let go, but to feel at peace with what had happened. To be able to accept the fact that I can not change this. I have no control.  I find myself dreaming of going and seeing John Edwards. I have even mapped out the trip on the computer several times.
Do I fully believe in that stuff?
Maybe... I don't know... 
Anything for a last chance to hear his thoughts, sense of humor, to know he is alright.

I do believe he has been here looking after us making sure we are alright.
In fact Abigail said he told her he went to the Zoo.
 Just like my dad...

 I have some of his things downstairs tucked into a corner of the room. Don said it is time to go threw it.
It might help. But me I am just not so sure.

 A few nights ago while putting Abigail to bed Don told me of an incident that had happened right after my dad had passed. Don said he was putting her in bed and leaning over her when her balloon that was in the doorway started slowly falling from the ceiling then literally went right to them at their level and just hung out.
Me I believe that was him. he was checking on us, on Abigail.
Yes things like that happen but the way it happened is just magical. So as he is telling me this I'm upset that he never shared this before but he said he didn't want to upset me anymore then I already was.
So as I sat there and cried because it made me happy to know he was here if even for a moment.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I won't forget about you...

If you know me you know I absolutely LOVE coffee! Always have. I like it as dark and syrupy as I can get it. If it has grounds in it its even better. I treasure it! Whether it is a plain cup of Joe, an almond latte, mint mocha, and one of my favorites is a white mocha with and extra shot and almond. I could drink the stuff all day. But since I have been sick and also had been suffering from severe pain from and ulcer I had temporally *tried* to give it up. It has been hard and like I said I have TRIED...

 But now I have to say I am also in love with tea. All kinds really. I like to get it as hot as possible and put a little raw honey in it. I have really enjoyed the Ttraditional Mmedicines brand and Yogi. I wont forget about you coffee BUT It may be a lot easier now to turn you down.

Yes I am bored enough to blog about tea and coffee.... This happens when you actually get time for yourself and still have no idea what to do with it!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sick of being sick...

Day #6 and this is how I feel....

Since they have now put me on steroids....maybe... this is what i will look like by next week!

I hope not... for one I am not a man and for two this is just WRONG!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taken over.

My body has been taken over by germs..........
To who ever passed these guys to me.
I am enjoying my stuffy nose
sore throat