Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Magnolia..

The most beautiful Magnolia Tree around. I love this tree.

This was my mothers day gift in 2007 and it is the first year we have been able to enjoy the blossoms.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Abigail dying her Easter Eggs......And her hands.

Abigail going through her Easter Basket. Yeah I got bath Crayons!!!
The first egg hunt. After the first few eggs Abby realized she was on a Easter egg hunt and put them all in her basket.

The second egg hunt with her cousins outside that evening.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Abigails First Year

March 2008 April 2008 May 2008 June 2008 July 2008 August 2008 September 2008 October 2008 November 2008 December 2008 January 2009 February 2009
March 2009

3/29/08 6lbs 6oz....19in

1month 6.15lbs...20in
2months 9.2lbs...21.12in
3months 9.1 lbs...21.5in
4months 12.3 lbs...24.5in
6months 16.2 lbs...26.3in
9months 19.1lb...28.5in
12months 21.5lbs...30in
I always thought I would record every single new thing Abby did or said, but I never realized how chaotic everything would be and Mommy would lose her head.(I will update more when I get to the papers that are throughout the office and last years calendar. :( )
She now has 8 teeth, they work wonderful since she does not realize it hurts when she bites, has taken 4 steps without holding on, says momma, dadda, hi, kitty, up, bob (haha had to add that one), baba for bottle, awwoohh, wow, goose, meows, barks, crows, jeez, gives kisses and the best loves, claps, gives high fives, points to eyes and nose, and I'm sure I will be adding more when the brain is working. Of course she is spoiled silly. I cant help it I'm sure I will pay for it later with the temper tantrums. After waiting 12 years to hold her I am never letting her go. One of my favorite times is at about 5:30am (most days) when I hear her fussing and go to her room and she is waiting with the biggest smile and hug and I bring her in to my bed and cuddle until the sun comes up. Don and I are sooooo very blessed to have her in our lives.